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Offering Traditional
British Hospitality

4810 SW Western Ave, Beaverton OR  97005

What makes our establishment so special?

We are a British owned and run tearoom
 and retail store , offering an authentic
 traditional menu plus a shop full of goodies that will bring back memories if you grew up in the UK and create new ones for those of you who wish you had! Oh - and our accents are pretty cool too ...
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Our Place
Tea of the Week
Peach Apricot Green

Please join us for our

Saturday February 16th
Sunday February 17th

Reservations Required

An aromatic green tea with the delighful flovors of fresh peaches and apricots. This is the most popular flavored tea that we serve in the tearoom.

New Items:

Made with Indian mangoes and full of aromatic spices, this wonderful chutney is Geeta’s ‘flagship’ and most popular product.
What's New?
Literary Tea Collection
We are excited to begin to present our Literary Tea Collection based on the wonderful authors that the UK has produced. From William Shakespeare to
JK Rowling, you will find a blend to suit your taste buds. We introduced our first blend - Lewis Carroll - at our Easter White Rabbit event and it was a resounding success. Currently we are featuring the
Jane Austen blend
Details of blends here
TEA 101

The world of tea can be quite confusing when you start to explore it. At Best of British, we carry over 100 varieties and that's a small part of what else is beyond our doors! Check out our Tea Information pages to get a good idea of what's out there.

Tea Etiquette
How to Host the PerfectTea Party

          Pinky up or pinky down?

         Jam first or cream?

       Scone or Scon?

Find the answers to these burning questions and more on our Tea 101 page