White Tea

This is the most delicate and least processed of teas and can be expensive due to its relative rarity. It is produced mostly in the Fukien (Fujian) Province in China, and in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).  It is so named because of its very pale ecru or light gold-green color when brewed. It produces a very delicate, subtle flavor and a light aroma, that can be infused several times.
The water temperature should be at 180 degrees F. Steep for 4-5 minutes. 

Production of White Tea
Made from unopened leaf buds that are coverd with soft, white, downy hairs and picked just before sunrise in early Spring, ensuring that it has some moisture on the surface. Neither oxidized nor rolled, but slowly withered and dried by steaming so that the natural moisture evaporates. They are therefore only slightly oxidized and not rolled. The curled-up buds have a silvery appearance and are therefore sometimes referred to as Silver Tip. 

White teas include:
Pai Mu Tan imperial – meaning “White Peony” it is made from very small buds picked in early spring before they have opened. After steaming and drying they look like small white blossoms with tiny leaves. This is among the least expensive of white teas, producing a very pale and delicate cup.

Yin Zhen this means “Silver Needles or Silver Ice Needle" and comes from the Fuding and Zhenhe districts of the Fujian in China. It is one of the rarest of white teas, picked under strict conditions.  The tender new buds are covered in silvery white hairs.  It produces a sweet, delicate cup with a light fragrance.

Snowbud - A delicate white tea from the Fujian province. Young buds are gathered in the early spring and gently dried to produce a leaf that resembles a serpent.  It  produces a very light, clear liquor with a sweet scent and fresh taste.

Song Yang Yin Hou - from the Zhejiang region of China, it has ancient beginnings, reaching back to the Tang Dynasty of 618 – 907. It is sill harvested by hand which means limited production, as over 3,000 shoots make just one pound of tea! The silver shoots are pekoe covered and brew to a fine, light colored cup with a sweet refreshing taste and wonderful aroma.

White Darjeeling – a very rare tea from Himalayas and comprised solely of the tender unopened buds gathered in the Second Flush of the early summer. It offers an amazing flavor; gently sweet with muscatel undertones.